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Food Island

World renowned. Sustainable. As nature intended.

Perfection is in our nature.

On Prince Edward Island, gratitude for the perfection Mother Nature has bestowed on our little piece of northern paradise runs deep. Our cool, pristine waters  provide the ideal conditions for harvesting and sharing some of the world’s most deliciously distinctive oysters and mussels. And we’ve been doing precisely that since the early 1800s!

Day after day, year after year for over 2 centuries, our passionate PEI fishers and growers have left the haven of our harbours to face the challenges and triumphs of Mother Nature.

Today, they remain just as fearless in their pursuit of perfection, carrying on a proud multi-generational tradition and harvesting the greatest catches of mussels and oysters. This isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life that’s marked with proud hearts and weathered hands.

Their passion and love for what they do propels our Island’s fishers and growers to bring home the most vibrant, diverse, and flavourful oysters and mussels in the world every day.