Prince Edward Island Mussels

It’s easy to savor big flavor with North America’s #1 mussel in the mix.1 That’s because they embody all that is unique and delicious about PEI. Our extra special merroir and ideal growing conditions create distinctive sweet flavor and tender textures that come directly from the waters in which the oysters are harvested. They’re pretty healthy to boot. These plump nutritional powerhouses are packed with vitamin C, lean protein, iron, antioxidants and omega-3s. So whether they’re simply steamed or in a classic recipe, you can feel good tasting, sharing and shell-ebrating PEI mussels.

It’s incredible how much flavor can come from something so simple. Check out this quick video to help you steam PEI mussels to perfection. Every. Single. Time.


Mussels that are open before cooking are most likely still alive. Give them a tap and wait for the shell to close. If it doesn’t close, discard it.

How to store

How to Store

Fresh is best, especially when it comes to shellfish. When properly cared for, PEI mussels can live up to 14 days out of water. Follow these tips to keep your mussels safe and tasty.

  • Remove PEI mussels from their box and cover in ice.
  • Store in the refrigerator set from 34ºF-38ºF (1.111℃ and 3.3333℃).
  • Drain mussels daily so they won’t drown and die.
  • Check the bag’s tag for a harvest date to determine how long you can store them before cooking.

Tips from the Pros

  • Look for fresh mussels that are wet, shiny and with blackish-blue shells.
  • PEI mussels should smell like the ocean. A strong or fishy smell means they’re too old.
  • Toss any with cracked or broken shells.
  • Always cook on the highest stovetop heat possible.
  • Cover your pot or pan when steaming.
  • Cooked mussels that don’t open need to be thrown away.
Tips from the pros

Suggested Cooking Times for Mussels

It’s easy to cook your mussels to perfection IF you know where to begin. Undercooked mussels will stick to the sides of the shell. Overcook, and the mussel meat shrinks and becomes tough. This easy chart will help you get it right every time.

1 lb.1/4 cup4 to 5 mins.
2 lbs.1/2 cup5 to 6 mins.
5 lbs1/2 cup6 to 8 mins.
10 lbs1 cup8 to 10 mins.

White wine is the most common cooking liquor, but PEI mussels are also super tasty cooked in red wine, light beer, and even tequila, vodka or sambuca. Not feeling the spirits? Water, apple juice, cider and root beer are great options too.


PEI mussels are clean tasting and free from grit, making them the perfect start or star of any meal.