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PEI Oyster Happy Hour with Rifko Meier of Oysters XO

Chelsey Lake

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A live virtual oyster happy hour with Rifko Meier of Oysters XO. During this happy hour and live shucking class, Rifko shares his top tips and techniques for shucking and serving oysters, along with his favorite drinks to pair with each dish. Order your PEI Oyster Kit and gather your friends for this fun and interactive shuck-along.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How healthy oysters are for our oceans, body and soul
  • How to recognize a quality oyster
  • How to clean, store and shuck fresh oysters
  • Oyster Etiquette: How to eat and taste oysters
  • Drinks to pair with oysters
  • The best oyster condiments & a recipe for oyster ceviche

About Rifko Meier

Rifko Meier is an oyster expert best known for conceptualizing Oysters XO, the original roaming Oyster Girls & Oyster Guys. In 2012, he opened Oysters XO in New York City. The one-of-a-kind raw bar oyster catering company has earned a following among chefs, celebs and oyster lovers throughout the US. Since launching, Rifko has established branches of Oysters XO in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Charleston, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Rifko is truly passionate about oysters and pairing them with the best wines & spirits of the world. His goal is to get everyone to be more comfortable and confident shucking and enjoying oysters.

Learn more about Oysters XO here.